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Hints and tips for children with eczema and sensitive skin

Daniel Shearly

Seeing a loved one, especially a little loved one, suffer from eczema or even some dry skin irritation can be horrible.

In extreme cases medication can be effectively used, but as a parent medicating anything is always a last resort.

Billy & Belle was set up to help my daughter Belle with her eczema and sensitive skin. I wanted to write a quick(ish) post to share my advice and learnings so far and what has worked for her.


The first shock I had was that there are lots of nasty things out there in every day products that will irritate sensitive skin, however there are simple tricks and hints to follow to make sure your little ones skin is as well cared for as possible. 

  • Look for products with natural and organic ingredients. Avoid sulfates as they dry the skin. You'll find them in a lot of well known brands, even the organic ones with references to sensitive skin and eczema written on the label!
  • Never use bubble bath (although it can be fun and cute the sulfates which make it foam really dry the skin).. replace it with a nice bath oil and it'll be absorbed into their skin gently and nourish it and will smell nice too.. If you want to make bath times more fun then buy some toys (or an empty bottle to pour over Daddy if you're Belle). If your child has normal or oil skin then go ahead however and make bubble beards to your hearts delight
  • Then apply a body wash free from sulfates.  Body washes without sulfates are normally creamy and thick in texture and will not foam. As it doesn't foam, it's best applied with your hands.. rub it in (or get your little one to help) and it will again absorb in to the skin).. I only use sponges in more intimate areas
  • Once out of the bath and your little one is dry apply some moisturiser or baby lotion. If there are any really sensitive areas (like eczema or cracked skin) then use a thicker sensitive skin cream on those area
  • Reapply the sensitive skin cream to the troublesome areas when needed and a slightly thicker layer before bed
  • Only apply the moisturiser when needed, if the skins feeling good let it do it's thing
  • If you're going swimming and you're worried about the chlorine then either apply some oil (bath oil or baby oil is fine) or some baby or body lotion to the skin before hand to form a bit of a protective barrier. It will wash off eventually but it will help a little! - Just remember to not oil their feet or there will be tears!

I really hope that helps a few people out there. If you want to know the products we use for Belle then please see below. I only now use our products but I have listed some other manufacturers too as although I'd love you to buy our products I'd rather you have a happy child than buy from us and there are some other decent products out there too!

Bath Oils: 

Body Washes:


    Bubble Bath:

    • Did you not read about sulfates?!!! :)
    • Ps.. If your child has normal or oily skin then go ahead but they're not for us

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