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The inconvenient truth about sulfate free shampoo's!

Daniel Shearly

Sulfate Free Shampoo


So... Organic, Natural = Good.

Chemicals, Sulfates = Bad.

That is in essence our philosophy and it works wonderfully for skin products but there is one uncomfortable truth we want to be honest about.

Sulfates and foaming agents are bad for the skin and those with sensitive skin especially but they do help to make a great shampoo! Dammit!

If you are familiar with sulfate free shampoo's then you will know what to expect but if not then they can be a bit of a surprise so we wanted to write a few words to explain what to expect and alternatives.

For some hair types they work just fine but they can make hair quite heavy and do not clean as well as sulfate based shampoo's. If you're not bothered about sulfates then use a sulfate based shampoo (that's free from parabens and nasty stuff), but if not it can be tricky to find something that works for everyone.

We have tried our competition (for both little one's and grown up's) and ours are as good or better as other sulfate free shampoo's (albeit with nicer, chemical free organic ingredients) so if you're looking for a natural sulfate shampoo then try ours out here

If you don't want to use sulfates and need to give your hair a more thorough clean whilst using a sulfate free shampoo and remove oil build up you can use a little bit of baking powder to help once in a while. Or use a mix of sulfate free and sulphate based shampoo's on and off.. that's what I personally do with Belle and it works well for us.

I hope that helps and as with all our products we will forever try and improve and enhance our products but I am keen we are transparent about the pro's and con's of all our products!

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