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About us

Billy and Belle Organic Skin Care for Children and Babies

Billy&Belle is a family company founded when a father (that’s me) had a baby girl (called Belle) with very sensitive skin.

For as long as I remember all I have ever wanted to really be was an amazing father. Even when I was young I remember that being the one thing in life I wanted to work hardest on and do my best at. I got married in 2012 to a lovely woman called Michelle and a few years later Belle was born.

Belle was the most perfect little baby and now a lovely toddler but even as a baby she suffered from dry skin and eczema.

Billy&Belle was formed out of my desire to try and remove that discomfort from her life and to help all the other lovely babies and children out there who suffer from sensitive skin.

And who is Billy?... Well Billy is our ragdoll cat and Belle’s best friend. He is the softest thing in the world (both to touch and in personality) and our aim is to make products that make you and your family as soft as Billy

Our story so far

When Belle’s skin started to show signs of eczema naturally my wife and I tried different things to try and help it.
None of the off the shelf products we found really helped her, so as a self confessed health and science geek I spent days and nights looking in to everything from cutting edge research through to traditional remedies for skincare.
As a family run business we started working on products designed using the purest, organic and highest quality ingredients to nourishing and pure skincare for those with the most sensitive skin. We are not trying to cut corners or make a mass market cheap product, our sole aim is to make the best possible product for your child's skin.

The things I learned have changed how I personally use skincare and led me to formulate my own treatments designed for babies, toddlers and anyone who wants baby soft skin.

We source organic ingredients as we want only the most natural and pure products possible and do not want any risk of contamination by pesticides, insecticides or genetic modification.. Purity and quality is first and foremost.

We will never use parabens in our products. Parabens are preservatives which gained popularity in the 1950’s but are still widespread in cosmetics and are thought to have some less than desirable potential side effects so we will never use them in any of our products.

Many additives to household brands dry the skin, so we do not use ingredients like sulphates. This is why we do not have a bubble bath in our range, it’s not because babies or kids don’t like bubbles, but because an oil is far better for their skin and will enrich it and nourish it.

We believe you should be able to read our ingredients list and actually recognise the ingredients and why they’re included in the product. We do not add anything unnecessary to our products so feel free to get in touch and ask any questions about any of the ingredients you’re uncertain of and we can tell you what they are and why they’re included!

Needless to say our products are PH balanced, chemical free and we never test on animals (Billy would not approve).