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Body Butter with Honey - 100ml


Organic Natural Billy & Belle Body Butter for Babies and Children
Billy & Belle Luxury Body Butter Label

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Our Body Butter is perfect when your child's skin needs some intensive treatment.

It spreads with ease and is absorbed into the skin to nourish dry or sensitive skin. It has a sweet, natural honey scent and is packed full of natural goodness.

The honey locks moisture in to the skin and ensures the natural oils and shea butter can be absorbed keeping your child's skin super soft and smooth.

If you spot the alcohol in the ingredient list don’t be worried.. Your little one won’t get a taste for it and it won’t dry out there skin. Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol that actually benefits and nourishes your skin and ours is derived from coconut oils (and if you don’t believe us then Google it.. But you can trust us, promise)!

Customer Reviews

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Body Butter and Bath Oil

I ordered both of these products after emailing Daniel for advice about keeping a newborns skin from being too dry. I can honestly say the products are amazing, you only need one pump in a baby sized bath. My little ones skin is then hydrated right up until her next bath. The Body Butter smells lovely and is so useful for quick fixes.

Great product

Nice texture. Its great for the skin of the baby. Recommended +++

Beautiful product

Body butter with honey is a wonderful product, the texture and smell of the cream is so gentle and fragrant. My son skin feels nourished and hydrated especially used after his bath. Highly recommending this brand and products to family and friends.