Sensitive Skin Cream with Arnica Oil and Manuka Honey - 100ml


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Organic Natural Billy & Belle Sensitive Skin Cream for Babies and Children
Luxury Organic Sensitive Skin Cream for Babies and Children Label

We created our sensitive skin cream to be the luxurious, softest and most gentle skin cream we could possibly make with no compromises.

Our cream is filled with the super supplements such as Manuka honey and Arnica Oil that heals the skin, chamomile that soothes it and oatmeal that makes your skin super soft. It is a very thick cream designed for areas that are really stressed.

It's fantastic for babies and children and adults a like who need some extra love for dry or irritated skin. It is also amazing for dry wintery chapped hands.

The sensitive skin cream works really well along side our body butter or baby lotion. The body butter and baby lotion are more all over body treatments and keeping skin soft and supple and the sensitive skin cream is for those areas with dry or eczema skin that need some extra love. If you're looking for a less intensive cream then try either the baby lotion or body butter which are thinner but made of equally good stuff.

Customer Reviews

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Great Product!

Really helps my son’s skin which gets very dry and seems to get rid of his eczema - very happy with it and will continue to buy it.

Great product

I have been using this cream for a few days on my children and so far I love it! I wanted something to nourish dry, winter skin and it is doing just that. I was also trying to find a product that doesn’t contain hidden nasties as most of them do. I think I may have actually found a range I can commit to!