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Shampoo with Guava, Kiwi and Argan oil - 100ml


Organic Natural Billy & Belle Shampoo for Babies and Children
Luxury Organic Shampoo for Babies and Children Label

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There are two things to consider with hair products for kids. Firstly, that they are full of ingredients that are great for your little one’s hair and secondly and no less importantly, that they do not sting their eyes so badly that it turns your bath time into some kind of nightmare.

Our shampoo is a delicate blend of natural elements that come together to nourish the hair and reduce irritation to the eyes.

The guava contains essential vitamins A,B & C along with fibre which strengthens and nourishes the hair.

Kiwi is rich in vitamin E which penetrates the hair and enriches it whilst the Argan oil is full of essential fatty acids that conditions and further strengthens the hair.

If you've never used a sulfate free shampoo before then see our guide as they're not for everybody! You can read about them here: The inconvenient truth about sulfate free shampoo's!

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Highly recommended

I always try out any toiletries that I use for my children on me too, unfortunately for them, this is another Billy and Belle product that I am now ‘borrowing.’ This is the first shampoo I’ve used that doesn’t make my hair feel like straw and have me reaching for the conditioner instantly. My hair feels clean but not stripped. I definitely won’t be going back to my old shampoo.